Are Infants Allowed in Movie Theaters? [Important Tips]

Hello, fellow moms and dads!

Let me tell you, finding time for yourself is a challenge when you are a parent… I am sure you are aware of that!

You may have wondered, like I did, whether it’s okay to take your infant to a movie theater or not.

Today, I’m going to share with you some helpful information and tips on this very subject so that you can make an informed decision and, if you choose to go, ensure a smooth cinematic experience with yourself and your little one 🙂

Are Infants Allowed in Movie Theaters?

First and foremost, let’s answer the burning question: Are infants allowed in movie theaters?

The answer, in general, is yes. However, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific policies of the theater you plan to visit.

In fact, some theaters may have age restrictions.

Many theaters offer special screenings for families with young children.

These events, sometimes called “parent-and-baby” or “sensory-friendly” showings, are tailored to accommodate the unique needs of little ones, with softer sound levels and dimmed lights.

Keep an eye out for these family-friendly opportunities!

Tips for Making Your Infant Behave at Movie Theaters

As a mom, I know firsthand that keeping an infant content in a public setting can be a challenge.

Here are some tips to help your little one stay calm and happy during your movie outing:

1. Choose age-appropriate movies

Pick films that are more likely to hold your infant’s attention and won’t scare or overstimulate them.

Family-friendly and animated movies are typically your best bet.

2. Bring comfort items

A favorite blanket or stuffed animal can help your little one feel more at ease in the unfamiliar environment of a movie theater.

Don’t forget the ever-so-important pacifier if your baby uses one!

3. Be prepared to step out

It’s always a good idea to have an exit strategy if your infant becomes fussy or starts to cry.

Locate the nearest exit and be ready to step outside the theater to soothe your baby, ensuring that other moviegoers can continue to enjoy the film without distraction.

Types of Movies Infants Are Allowed In

When selecting a movie to watch with your infant, keep in mind that not all films are suitable for young viewers.

Here are some types of movies that are typically more appropriate for infants:

  1. Family-friendly films: These movies are designed with younger audiences in mind and often feature engaging characters, catchy tunes, and simple storylines.
  2. Animated movies: The bright colors and lively animation in these films can capture your little one’s attention and provide a fun, visually stimulating experience.
  3. Special screenings: As mentioned earlier, look for sensory-friendly or parent-and-baby showings at your local theater. These screenings are tailored to the needs of families with young children and provide a more relaxed and accommodating environment.

Best Row to Sit When with an Infant

Strategic seating is crucial when attending a movie with your infant.

Here are some tips for selecting the best row to sit in:

  1. Consider sitting towards the back: This allows for easy exits if you need to step out to soothe a fussy baby or take a quick diaper-changing break.
  2. Choose an aisle seat: An aisle seat offers more space for you and your little one and makes it easier to get in and out of the theater without disturbing other patrons.
  3. Weigh the pros and cons of sitting near other families with young children: On the one hand, sitting near other families can create a more understanding and supportive atmosphere. On the other hand, it might also mean being surrounded by multiple fussy babies or toddlers. Decide what makes you and your infant the most comfortable.

When to Feed Your Infant to Make the Movie Experience Smooth

Timing is everything when it comes to keeping your infant content during a movie. Here are some suggestions on when to feed your little one:

1. Schedule movie visits around your infant’s feeding routine

To the best of your ability, try to plan your movie outing so it doesn’t conflict with your baby’s usual mealtime.

This can help minimize hunger-related fussiness during the film.

2. Feed your infant shortly before the movie begins

Offering a meal or snack just before the movie starts can help ensure your baby is full and content throughout the show.

This way, they’re less likely to get fussy due to hunger.

3. Consider bringing quiet snacks if appropriate for your infant’s age

If your baby is old enough for solid foods, pack some quiet, mess-free snacks that they can enjoy during the movie.

Just be sure to check the theater’s policy on outside food before doing so.

Additional Tips for a Successful Movie Outing with an Infant

To make your movie-going experience as seamless as possible, keep these extra tips in mind:

  1. Bring a diaper bag stocked with essentials: Pack diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, and any other necessities you might need during your outing. It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared!
  2. Dress your infant in comfortable clothing: Make sure your little one is dressed in cozy, easy-to-change clothing that’s appropriate for the theater’s temperature.
  3. Be mindful of the theater’s temperature and adjust your infant’s attire accordingly: Movie theaters can sometimes be chilly, so bring an extra blanket or layers to keep your baby warm and comfortable during the show.


Infants are generally allowed in movie theaters, but it’s essential to be aware of specific theater policies and select age-appropriate films.

By following the tips shared in this post, you can make the movie-going experience with your infant more enjoyable for both of you and your fellow moviegoers 🙂

Ultimately, as a parent, it’s up to you to decide whether taking your infant to a movie theater is the right choice for your family.

Just remember to be considerate of others in the theater and be prepared to make adjustments as needed to keep your little one content.