Belly Piercing After Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

There are some factors to consider before getting a belly piercing after pregnancy.

One of these is whether it is too soon after your child’s birth to have piercings and tattoos done without risking complications for both mother and baby.

If you are thinking of getting a belly button piercing postpartum, this short article will tell you everything you need to know about when it is safe to do so.

Can I Get a Belly Button Piercing Postpartum?

Yes, it is possible to have your belly button pierced after giving birth. However, it is recommended to delay it until your scar tissue has healed and your belly has fully shrunk. You may also want to wait if your skin is too tight to pinch to avoid getting a misaligned piercing.

In any case, you can always go to a piercer and inquire about it. Generally, they will perform a navel exam to determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for belly button piercings.

They can also provide you with an honest opinion on whether they believe it would be best for you to wait a little longer than commonly recommended.

When Can I Get a Belly Piercing After Pregnancy?

Body piercers recommend waiting at least until you’ve stopped breastfeeding or three months if you’re not breastfeeding. Prior to getting a belly piercing after pregnancy, it would be necessary to allow the tissue around the site to heal and return to normal.

Can You Get A Belly Button Piercing While Breastfeeding?

Every person who enters a body piercer’s shop is usually thoroughly screened. One of the many questions they ask their customers is whether or not they are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. If they answer yes, the piercer will not pierce their belly button.

Piercings and tattoos are always a risk, but they are especially dangerous when your body is recovering or going through a change like breastfeeding.

While pregnant or breastfeeding, your body might be unpredictable; thus, it is better to avoid putting your body through drastic changes.

Can You Get Your Belly Button Re-pierced If You Have A Scar?

While it is possible to have your belly button re-pierced, it is recommended to wait until the scar tissue has healed. You should also wait until you have stopped breastfeeding or wait 3 months after delivery if you are not breastfeeding.

In addition, you must inform the piercer when your previous belly button ring was removed.

The process of re-piercing is often more painful than the process of going through new skin due to having to deal with some scar tissue.


Knowing when to safely pierce your belly after pregnancy will protect both you and your baby.

While getting a new flashy piercing can be thrilling, avoiding infections and other complications should be top of your priority list.

Make sure you talk to your doctor and seek advice from a reputable piercer before getting your belly piercing after pregnancy.