How to Get Rid of Mommy Pooch After Baby: 5 Simple Steps

The birth of a baby is a moment of absolute joy for an entire family. However, it is not an easy journey for the woman who has gone through childbirth. 

A mother’s body undergoes a great deal of transformation and complications, including the formation of a bulge (pouch) on their belly. 

Mothers spend hours searching on the internet, looking for an answer to their query: “How to get rid of mommy pooch after baby?”

Today, I want to answer this question for you! But, let’s first try to understand what this tummy bulge is.

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What is a Mommy Pooch? 

As a mother, you’ve probably noticed that your body changes dramatically when you’re pregnant. 

These changes are intended to better prepare your body, particularly your tummy, to handle the growing life within you. 

As part of this preparation, the mother puts on a significant amount of weight. 

This weight could be in the form of fat or extra fluid that the body produces to fulfil the needs of the growing baby’s nutritional requirements. 

At the same time, the muscles around the abdomen continue to stretch, and the skin begins to loosen every month.

In addition, the body releases a large number of hormones that thin the skin and increase the elasticity of the tissues around the uterus during pregnancy.

When the baby is born, a protrusion commonly referred to as the Kangaroo Pouch, Mummy Tummy, or Mommy Pooch is formed on the mother’s belly.

A hanging belly or a pooch are especially common in women who underwent a C-section

This occurs because the surgical incision at the bottom of the abdomen tightens that area, causing the fatty weight above to hang.

The problem becomes more serious when women are diagnosed with diastasis recti

The muscles around the abdomen tend to split abnormally due to overstretching, which can lead to additional health problems such as digestive issues, urinary incontinence, and so on.

Having a mommy pooch is entirely normal, and there’s no need to be embarrassed about it.

Can we get rid of the Mommy Pooch? 

As we now understand, the extra weight is nothing more than an accumulation of excess fluids and fat gathered around the midsection. 

Consequently, losing the mummy tummy is entirely feasible.

Please note that the process is similar to that of embarking on any kind of weight-loss journey, which means you must adhere to a program and allow enough time for it to bear fruit before seeing results.

However, you must also show consideration for your body which has just gone through childbirth and is currently recovering

Allow yourself plenty of time to recover from the inflammation or, in the case of a caesarean, a surgical incision.

Ideally, you should begin working toward losing your mommy pooch after 4–8 weeks following labour, depending on how complex your delivery was.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the tried and tested strategies for getting rid of that extra belly fat.

How to get rid of mommy pooch after baby?

In an ideal world, the pooch should begin to shrink a few weeks after delivery, when the dilated uterus returns to its standard size.

While this naturally happens for some mothers, it doesn’t happen to everyone. Besides, those who strive to have a perfectly flat tummy will have to put in some extra work!

To attain a flat tummy, we must first reduce our general body fat percentage and then strengthen our core muscles.

Let’s look at the steps we can take:

1. Eat healthily – Follow a nutrition plan 

The first step in losing weight is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, keeping a close eye on what you’re putting into your body.

You must reduce your intake of unhealthy foods and replace them with healthier choices. 

Many of the foods we eat have no nutritional value and are nothing more than empty calories

The following foods should be reduced or eliminated from your diet:

  1. Processed sugar
  2. Saturated fats
  3. Fast food or junk food
  4. White bread
  5. Pastries and cakes
  6. Cookies

Instead, you should add the below items to your meal plan:

  1. Nuts
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Eggs and fish
  4. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.)
  5. Whole grain
  6. Fruits

Consuming foods high in fibre and protein will help you feel satiated more quickly so that you don’t feel the need to snack between meals.

Moreover, you need to limit your intake of saturated fats. 

Cooking using olive oil or coconut oil can be a healthier alternative to butter and other oils. In fact, they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in burning body fat.

Step up the intake of foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, guava, lemons, broccoli, strawberries, etc.

Please don’t starve yourself, as this will result in further health issues in the long run.

2. Drink plenty of water 

Not only does water aid in the removal of toxins from the body, but it also helps with weight loss.

Drinking enough water curbs your appetite by making you feel full, thus lowering your overall calorie consumption. 

Keeping a bottle of water with you at all times, especially while you’re out, can help you cut back on your urge for soda or juice.

3. Exercise

While a healthy diet can aid in weight loss on its own, the process can be sped up when accompanied by a regular exercise routine. 

Furthermore, if you are one of those mothers who wish to regain your toned abs, you must work on strengthening your core muscles.

It is important to understand that one cannot target a specific body part and lose fat there. Therefore, we must focus on reducing our overall body fat percentage.

To begin with, make sure you’re healthy before you start any workout. So, talk to your doctor first!

Skipping, running, jogging and cycling are all good ways to get your heart rate up and get your body moving. Do these for 30-40 minutes every day, 4 to 5 times per week. 

Alternatively, you could take it easy and take long walks on a daily basis instead.

Then, to boost the intensity, incorporate strength and weight training. 

You have the option of joining a gym or purchasing some basic weights and resistance bands, and working out at home.

Start with planks, squats, plunges, crunches, and other core-building exercises.

Here is one video to get an idea regarding resistance training:

Please don’t overdo it with your workouts in the hopes of seeing faster results. 

Consider hiring a personal trainer or a fitness specialist to help you design a training plan tailored to your body type and goals.

4. Adopt active and healthy lifestyle changes

While you focus on your diet and follow an exercise routine, it is paramount that you make some important changes in your lifestyle that would further help your efforts towards weight loss.

Some of the lifestyle changes that you can adopt are:

  1. Quit smoking and excessive drinking.
  2. Avoid lifts while climbing up to the third floor.
  3. Walk while you are on the phone.
  4. Maintain correct body posture, especially when you sit.
  5. Eat your meal in small portions.
  6. Avoid drinking juice or soda with your meal.
  7. Sleep early (this reduces the issue of midnight munching)
  8. Sleep for at least eight hours a day.
  9. Avoid adding extra cream to your coffee.
  10. Avoid adding sauce to your food.
  11. Practice Yoga and meditation
  12. Try to relax and de-stress every day.

5. Get checked for diastasis recti 

If you are one of those mothers who is searching for how to get rid of mommy pooch after baby, months after your delivery, and your belly still looks pregnant, there are high chances that you have this condition.

Diastasis recti is not just a cosmetic problem, and it must be dealt with the utmost attention. It is important that you talk to your doctor and follow physiotherapy to tone your core muscles safely.


Losing weight is never easy, especially for moms who have recently given birth to their children. 

Keep it simple, though; there’s no need to overthink everything. Just trust the process, stay motivated, and allow time. There is no doubt that you will see some great results.

In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck. I am confident that you will see significant progress very soon!