How to Get Rid of Baby Pouch After C-section[8 Helpful Tips]

Whether it is your first or fourth child, giving birth is never easy, especially when it’s a Cesarean delivery.

Following childbirth, women are frequently left with a baby pouch or a hanging belly

If you are here today, you probably want to know how to get rid of baby pouch after C-section. Don’t worry… I got ya!

Let’s take a quick look at this surgical delivery method and then look at a few incredibly effective ways to get rid of that baby pouch.

What is a C-section delivery?

A C-section is a surgical procedure that involves making a cut across the mother’s abdomen to deliver the baby. 

A cesarean section is preferable to a vaginal delivery when there are health concerns that could jeopardize the mother or baby’s health.

In most cases, a Caesarean delivery is performed in the event of a twin pregnancy, obstructed labour, issues with the umbilical cord, an abnormal position of the baby in the womb, etc.

Why do women get a baby pouch after C-section?

During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight. 

The increased fluid produced by the body to meet the growing baby’s needs is one of the most significant contributors to this weight gain.

To prepare for childbirth, the body releases several hormones throughout pregnancy, which cause the skin to thin and tissues to become more flexible around the abdomen and uterus.

In addition, the muscles around the belly are stretched to provide room for the growing baby.

While almost every woman experiences weight gain, muscle expansion, and skin relaxation during pregnancy, a C-section birth leads to a pronounced hanging tummy following the delivery. 

In a C-section delivery, the cesarean procedure creates an effect akin to a tight band being wrapped around the lower portion of the waist, in addition to creating a scar. 

As a result, the weight above that tightness results in a hanging belly.

Can we get rid of this baby pouch?

Getting rid of the baby pouch may be challenging, but it is not impossible. 

The amount of work and the time it takes to entirely eliminate it will differ from mother to mother.

However, there are steps you can take to put yourself on the right path to gradually shrinking that baby pouch

With patience and discipline, you will definitely achieve your goals.  

Let us look at some of the effective methods you can adopt to get positive results.

How to get rid of baby pouch after c-section?

I’d like to point out that if you’ve only been out of the hospital for 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth, you should prioritize healing.

C-sections leave surgical scars on the abdomen, and the most important thing is that they heal correctly. 

Don’t worry about losing weight right away. After all, you have put that weight on for a great reason!  

So, just be pleased with yourself for what you’ve accomplished.

Allow the body to rest and recover for the first 6-8 weeks following delivery by refraining from engaging in strenuous activities. 

Don’t risk letting the incision re-open from too much strain. 

There are a few things you can do to get a flatter belly:

1. Breastfeed your child

Breastfeeding is one of the simplest and most natural ways to lose weight and fat. 

In order to produce milk for the baby, the mother’s body requires energy, which results in calorie expenditure. 

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a mother burns approximately 450 to 500 calories each day to produce milk for her child.

Breastfeeding also encourages the release of a hormone known as Oxytocin, which is beneficial in the contraction of the uterine muscles. 

Furthermore, breastfeeding is critical for your baby’s wellbeing.

2. Drink lots of water

Drinking enough water after a cesarean should be considered one of the most important ways to get rid of the baby pouch after a C-section.

This will not only diminish your desire for juice or other sugary beverages but will also reduce your appetite. 

Taking little sips of water while exercising might also assist you in achieving the best possible results.

3. Get enough sleep

I genuinely believe that sleeping is equivalent to possessing a superpower. 

Aside from helping us heal faster, sleep assists us in remaining calm and attentive throughout stressful situations. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you strive to sleep when your baby is napping.

4. Walk

In the early days following a C-section, walking is a great option to stay active since intense workouts are out of the question. 

Go for long walks with your partner, baby, or dog. 

You could even take walks while listening to your favourite music or enjoying that podcast you have not had time to listen to yet.

5. Include a few other cardio workouts

When you’re around six to eight weeks postpartum, and your doctor has given the all-clear, you can gradually replace your daily walk with other cardio activities.

The goal is to burn more calories in a shorter time than you would if you continued walking.

Start by jogging instead of walking. Cycling, swimming, rowing, skipping, and other aerobic exercises are all excellent options for keeping your heart rate up.

6. Hit the gym and/or hire a personal trainer

A gym is a good option for women who have recovered from childbirth and want to get back into shape as quickly as possible.

The gym will provide you with the right equipment to train your entire body. 

In addition, you can also have your own personal trainer who will help you push harder and keep you motivate.

7. You can do bodyweight exercises at home

Don’t give up hope just ‘cos you don’t feel comfortable leaving your house. Bodyweight exercises performed at home can be as effective as weight training at the gym.

There are various smartphone apps that can coach you through a series of bodyweight exercises and even create a fitness program for you. 

Planks and squats can be used to strengthen your core muscles.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions are highly recommended for people who work out at home. 

When performing HIIT workouts, you’ll cycle between high-intensity and low-intensity physical activities while only taking very brief rest intervals in between.

Here’s a link to a HIIT workout video from the MomsIntoFitness YouTube channel.

8. Focus on your diet and nutrition

After giving birth, you must eat healthily to ensure that your body receives all of the nutrients and minerals it needs to heal. 

Besides, overindulging in calories and carbohydrates will negate all of the hard work you put into working out. 

Keep a food diary every day to see what you’re eating and drinking. 

But what exactly does a nutritional diet entail?

Reduce the consumption of junk food

Stop consuming fast food, sugary drinks, cola, soda, processed fats, white bread, cookies, cakes, and so on. 

And, if at all possible, refrain from consuming sugar altogether. 

All sugar does is add empty calories to your body. 

These foods will never help you get rid of your baby pouch.

Eat the good stuff

It is recommended that you consume foods high in fibre and protein. 

Legumes, fruits, green vegetables, almonds, oats, whole grains, and other nutritious foods are excellent choices.


The arrival of your adorable baby has to be the best reason for you to gain that baby pouch. So, make sure that you find the time to take care of yourself while looking after your child.

Simply stick to a well-balanced diet and exercise program, and keep in touch with your doctor to avoid complications.

Now that you know how to get rid of baby pouch after C-section, I wish you the best of luck in your journey!