How to Get Rid of Stomach Crease Lines: 10 Simple Methods

We live in a society where we are constantly pressured to look perfect.

Stomach creases may not seem like a big deal to some, but if you’re reading this, you probably want to know how to get rid of stomach crease lines.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, we’ve put together a list of methods that you can try today to help you eliminate those annoying tummy creases!

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What are stomach creases?

Stomach creases are horizontal lines that form on your stomach skin. 

The majority of the time, stomach creases are associated with being overweight, although they can also be seen in healthy individuals.

What causes stomach crease lines?

These crease lines form on the skin of your stomach and occur due to several reasons:

  • Sitting down can cause horizontal creases, especially if the individual is overweight
  • Stomach cellulite can increase the likelihood of stomach creases even in healthy individuals 
  • Poor posture due to sitting slouched for hours can cause crease formation in the centre of the stomach
  • Wearing tight clothes for a long time may cause stomach wrinkles 


How to get rid of stomach crease lines

The appearance of stomach crease lines is a common problem for many people, but there are several things you can try in order to get rid of them.

Here is how to get rid of stomach crease lines:

Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol increases the number of calories you consume during the day. According to a study conducted by NCBI, heavy alcohol use is associated with obesity.

And as we mentioned earlier, overweight individuals are more likely to get stomach crease lines.

In addition, alcohol has a negative effect on the strength of your abdominal muscles, which, again, increases the likelihood of developing stomach creases or fat lines.


Regular exercise can help you get rid of the excess fat that causes creases on your tummy.

Moreover, exercise helps you build muscle mass and achieve a more defined physique.

There are a few exercises that can help you achieve this goal.

Walking, running, and swimming are just a few examples. 

However, it is also important to include exercises that specifically target the abdominal region, such as crunches, planks, and leg lifts.

Eat whole-grain foods

In addition to being a great source of fibre, whole grain is linked to reduced weight.  

Incorporating whole grains into your diet reduces your body’s visceral fat and lowers the risk of developing creases on your stomach skin.

A study revealed that consuming whole grains foods promotes higher protein turnover and better health.

Among whole grains, we can find millet, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat bread.

Eat high protein food

A diet high in protein can help keep your cravings at bay, resulting in less snacking throughout the day. 

Protein-rich foods include vegetables, eggs, nuts, fish, cheese, etc. 

It has been observed that those who swap their typical diet with high-protein foods burn more fat and calories all through the day.

Drink green tea

Green tea is extremely popular amongst those who wish to increase their water intake but find water “too boring”.

In fact, green tea is seen as one of the healthiest drinks available, which often gets used as an effective way to manage obesity.

A study conducted by Pubmed showed that catechins, a type of compound contained in tea, significantly decreased body weight

According to another study, drinking green tea, capsaicin, and ginger extracts for eight weeks can positively impact BMI, insulin metabolic markers, weight, and plasma GSH levels. 

Use lotions and creams

Applying a tightening cream on your stomach skin can help reduce these lines or avoid them altogether. 

As the name suggests, skin-tightening creams work to tighten your skin and minimise the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and folds.

Skin-tightening creams and lotions are most effective in preventing lines from forming in the first place, but several brands also claim to be able to reduce saggy skin and lessen the appearance of existing lines.

Drink more water

Water is an excellent remedy for several issues, including getting rid of stomach crease lines.

Not only does drinking a lot of water flushes sodium and toxins from your body, but it helps to reduce the appearance of stomach crease lines by tightening your abdomen.

For optimal hydration, you should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water each day.

Healthy food and regular water consumption go hand in hand while trying to shed pounds. 

Avoid processed food

When trying to lose weight, stay away from processed foods at all costs. 

Weight gain and bloating can occur due to eating processed foods high in fat, sodium, and sugar.

It’s important to eliminate processed meals from your diet and replace them with whole, nutrient-dense foods if you want to reduce the appearance of stomach wrinkles.

Processed meals are high in sodium, contributing to stomach swelling and the formation of wrinkles. 

Correct your posture

Having a stiff back and hurting muscles in your neck and shoulders isn’t the only downside of poor posture. 

In fact, spending extended periods of time slumped over a desk can cause fat and skin to roll around your tummy.

Correcting your posture can help your stomach folds disappear, preventing creases from forming on your skin.

Get Enough Sleep

To be able to live a healthy and happy life, it is essential to get adequate sleep each night. 

Doctors say that getting at least eight hours of sleep each night can help keep you healthy and lower your risk of developing long-term illnesses.

Obesity has been linked to poor sleep quality, leading to crease lines in the stomach.

Best exercises for getting rid of stomach crease lines

Eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis are the most effective ways to lose weight and get rid of tummy wrinkles

Here are the best exercises for those who want to know how to get rid of stomach crease lines:

  • Side planks 
  • Crunches 
  • Planks 
  • Oblique twists 
  • Leg lifts
  • Yoga

Final thoughts on how to get rid of stomach crease lines

Getting rid of stomach creases may seem like hard work, but the results you can obtain make the journey totally worth it.

Remember to take it easy and do not punish yourself if you cannot achieve the results you want during your first try.

Even adding one more glass of water to your daily routine will be a positive step forward in your journey!